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Trust us your fleet

GoOllie is an online platform that digitises all work processes for private flight operators, making private air chartering easier, faster, and transparent.

Everyone and everything in one place

GoOllie connects operators and travellers, and gathers all GDPR data, booking information, and correspondence in one place.

Faster trip confirmation

GoOllie reduces your time spent on requests. When you accept a flight, the flight is confirmed, and payment is guaranteed.

Reduce empty legs

Intelligent search makes it easy to fill up your planes both ways, thereby reducing empty legs and CO2 emissions.


Let's simplify work processes and boost your sales!

It's time to change this industry

Private air chartering is on the rise. Convenience, less travel time, and exceptional travel experiences become more important to many travellers - whether going on a business or pleasure trip. We believe it's time to boost private air chartering. First step is digitising and transforming the workflows. That's what GoOllie does.

Why choose GoOllie

We know the industry inside out - and upside down

Being a pilot for more than 10 years, our founder Rasmus Cornelius knows the private flight industry in depth as well as all work processes for flight operators. The many procedures that take up too much time, the many requests that don't turn into sales, the many emails, phone calls, messages, and data that flow around. There is a need for connecting everyone and everything in one place. That's what GoOllie does.

No costs, no obligations

It’s free for operators to join GoOllie, and we will always offer a freemium model. However, since our launch in April 2022, we continuously develop add-on modules and services to give you more options and benefits. In the near future, we will launch different subscription models to meet your different needs. As a carrier at GoOllie we’ll show your aircrafts in the search results. - And if the traveller choses your aircraft, you’ll receive the flight information and get the sale.

Easiest setup on the market - and to the best price
(it's totally free)

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Become a carrier at GoOllie!

As a carrier at GoOllie we’ll show your aircrafts in the search results. - And if the traveller choses your aircraft, you’ll receive the flight information and get the sale.

If you have aircrafts ready for flights, we would love to welcome you and your aircraft at

Please contact us to hear more. We are only a few seconds away from our phone and ready to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch shortly.



Contact Louise to get onboard

Louise Byskov

Carrier Care Manager

+45 40 894 894

Thanks for submitting!


FAQ for carriers

How do I become a carrier at GoOllie?
It’s easy to become a carrier, and we’ll help you all the way. Please contact us at or fill in the form above.

What are the requirements to become a carrier?
To become a carrier you must hold a valid AOC and have at least one aircraft ready to receive flight trips.

What does it cost for carriers to join
It’s free!
GoOllie is made for carriers (operators) to increase their sales, and we want to be your first choice. We want to give you the best opportunities to optimise and grow your business. If you have any ideas as to how to improve’s services, we'd like to know. We listen to you and appreciate long-term collaborations. That’s why it’s free for you to join, and we’ll always offer a freemium model.

How many aircraft can a carrier make available at

It’s free for you to join, no matter how many aircraft you want to put up for sale. You can have as many aircraft at as you want. The more aircraft, the more opportunities for travellers to choose one of your aircraft.

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