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Install GoOllie on your website

Welcome to the "Install GoOllie on Your Website" Guide! 🌟

Hey there, charming operator! Ready to supercharge your website with GoOllie’s magic? Our easy-peasy guide will walk you through adding that nifty GoOllie search box to your site. Let’s make your booking experience a breeze for your customers, shall we? ✨

Step 1: Access Your GoOllie Backend
Hop over to or head to and click on “Member Login” to sign in. (Pro tip: Keep your login details handy!)

Step 2: Dive into Settings
Once you’re in, navigate to the Settings section. Look for the Integrations tab and select Plugin. This is where the magic begins.

Step 3: Snag Your HTML Code
Here, you’ll find the precious HTML code that’s about to make your website booking-savvy. 📦

Step 4: Create a Custom HTML Box on Your Site
Depending on your CMS (like WordPress, Squarespace, etc.), you’ll want to create a custom HTML code box on your page. If you’re not sure how, a quick search for “Add custom HTML in [Your CMS Name]” should do the trick!

Step 5: Paste the GoOllie Code
Take the HTML code we provided and paste it into the HTML box you’ve created. Voilà! You're halfway there.

Step 6: List Your Website URL
Back in the GoOllie Plugin section, you’ll see a spot for a URL list. Here, type in the URL of the page where you’re adding GoOllie. This tells us where our search box is going to live and thrive.

Step 7: Hit Submit
Click Submit to finalize everything. This is like saying “Abracadabra!” 🎩✨

And there you have it! GoOllie is now ready and raring to go on your website. Your next step? “Creating your fleet” to showcase your magnificent birds (aka planes) to the world.

Remember, if you hit a bump or just want to chat, our friendly GoOllie support team is here to help. Let’s get those bookings flying high!

Cheers to your success,
The GoOllie Team 🚀

Still need help?

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