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Creating your fleet

Welcome to "Creating Your Fleet" - Your GoOllie Guide to Showcasing Your Skybound Beauties! 🛫

Ahoy, Fleet Managers! Ready to let your aircraft shine on the GoOllie platform? Our step-by-step guide is here to help you parade your fleet with flair and finesse. Let’s get those magnificent machines up and ready for your future flyers!

Step 1: Set Sail to Fleet Management
First things first, navigate your way to the Fleet section in the menu, and then click on Management. This is your command center for all things fleet!

Step 2: Add a New Aircraft
Spot the little + sign? Give it a click to add a new aircraft to your fleet. And guess what? It’s absolutely free to add new aircraft. We’re all about spreading those wings without the fees! 🎉

Step 3: Detail Your Aircraft
Now, it’s time to dish the deets! Fill out all the juicy details about your aircraft and hit Submit. Make sure to include all the specs that make your bird special.

Step 4: Watch Your Fleet Grow
Voilà! You’ve just added a new member to your fleet. Repeat these steps for each of your aircraft until your full fleet is proudly displayed in the Management view.


Step 5: Bring Your Fleet to Life
With your fleet now assembled, it’s time to add some pizzazz! 📸 Add pictures of your aircraft to give them each a face that matches their grace. A picture is worth a thousand bookings, after all.


Step 6: Set Your Price Profiles
Last but certainly not least, assign Price Profiles to your fleet. This step is crucial for making sure your customers know the value they’re getting with every booking.


And there you have it – your fleet is now set to conquer the skies and charm the socks off your customers! Remember, each aircraft in your fleet isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s a promise of adventure, luxury, and unparalleled service.

Stuck somewhere or just want to share how awesome your fleet looks? Our GoOllie support team is always here, ready to chat or lend a helping hand.

Here's to creating connections that soar,
The GoOllie Team 🌟

Still need help?

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