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Add Pictures to Your Aircraft

Hey there, high-fliers! Ready to give your fleet the spotlight it deserves on GoOllie?


Adding pictures of your aircraft is not just about showing off; it’s about connecting with your customers and letting them see the beauty and comfort they can expect. Follow these easy steps to get your aircraft looking picture-perfect on our platform:

Step 1: Navigate to Your Fleet
Head over to the Management tab and find the aircraft you want to dazzle your customers with. It’s like picking which star will shine the brightest tonight! 🌟

Step 2: Dive into Actions
Look for those little 3 dots on the left side of your aircraft’s line. Click on Actions – this is your magic wand for making changes. 🪄

Step 3: Time to Edit
Click Edit, and a window full of details will pop up. It’s like opening a treasure chest filled with potential! 💼


Step 4: Picture Perfect
Scroll all the way down in the details window until you find the Pictures tab. This is where the magic happens! Click here to start uploading your glamorous shots. 🖼️


Step 5: Upload Your Masterpieces
Select and upload pictures of your aircraft. Remember, each photo is a window into the experience you offer. GoOllie is all about quality, so we only accept pictures up to 4MB. And let’s keep it legal – please make sure you own the rights to the photos you upload. 🚫📸


Step 6: All Done!
That’s all there is to it! Your aircraft are now ready to strut their stuff on the GoOllie stage.


A picture says a thousand words, and yours are about to tell a story of luxury, comfort, and unforgettable journeys. If you hit any turbulence along the way or just want to share how awesome your fleet looks, our GoOllie support team is here, ready to help you soar! 🚀

Happy flying and snapping,
The GoOllie Team 🌟

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