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The Future of Private Jet Bookings

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

GoOllie's Quest to Connect Operators and Travellers Directly

Rasmus & Lærke Cornelius, the founders of GoOllie

Today's dynamic aviation market demands intuitive, streamlined solutions. Among the array of offerings, one platform stands out, poised to redefine how private aircraft operators connect with travelers: GoOllie. A deep dive into this pioneering platform reveals the brains behind its creation, Rasmus Cornelius, Founder and Creative Director, and Lærke Cornelius, Co-Founder.

"From the beginning, GoOllie was designed to simplify and amplify. Our aim was to empower operators to reclaim their space in the sales sector, directly interfacing with travelers without unnecessary complexities," explains Rasmus.

Lærke adds, "We wanted to extend beyond just creating a software. GoOllie is our vision of shaping the future, where bookings are transparent, efficient, and operators have complete control."

The platform’s innovative features ensure that operators handle genuine inquiries, significantly reducing unserious requests by providing comprehensive details upfront. GoOllie offers transparency like never before, with schedules, aircraft specifics, and of course estimated pricing laid out for prospective travelers.

Lærke Cornelius, Co-Founder

Lærke notes, "Every interaction operators have, through GoOllie, is one step closer to a confirmed booking. We've essentially elevated the booking process, ensuring quality connections between travellers and operators."

The distinctiveness of GoOllie is encapsulated in its vibrant, playful branding, inspired by the joyous spirit of Oliver, Rasmus and Lærke's son. The brand colors each hold deep symbolism. Red Violet embodies creativity; Silver Lake Blue represents the vast skies; Platinum signifies stability, and so on. These shades aren't mere visual choices; they represent GoOllie’s core values.

Rasmus Cornelius, Founder & Pilot

On their iconic emblem, Rasmus shares, "Our logo, particularly the intertwined rings, epitomizes the unity between the sky and the ground—limitless opportunities meeting solid foundations. It’s GoOllie’s promise to its users."

Lærke concludes, "In essence, GoOllie is a blend of innovation and passion. We’re not just offering a platform; we’re changing how private aviation bookings are done in the future, one connection at a time."

As we wrapped up our conversation, it was evident that GoOllie wasn’t just another platform in the aviation market. It's a game-changer. And as Rasmus eloquently puts it, “With GoOllie by your side, the sky isn't the limit—it's just the beginning!

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GoOllie connects you with travellers directly

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