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GoOllie's Visionary Shift: Elevating Operators & Transforming Private Aircraft Booking

In the competitive world of private aircraft bookings, GoOllie emerges with renewed focus and purpose. Our transition reflects a commitment to empower private aircraft operators, allowing them to reclaim direct connections with travelers and sidestepping brokers.

Responding to feedback, operators from our booking platform sought a personalized GoOllie experience. Their call was clear: a tool that projects their unique identity while sieving out unserious inquiries. We're proud to announce a feature-rich GoOllie platform. Alongside displaying comprehensive aircraft details, this platform offers travelers clear estimated pricing, set to curtail unserious inquiries by a significant 70%.

Our reimagining is mirrored in our rebranding, a palette of bright hues, inspired by childhood wonder, yet anchored in luxury:

- **Red Violet**: Echoes our endless pool of creativity.

- **Silver Lake Blue**: A testament to boundless skies and ambition.

- **Platinum**: Underscoring GoOllie's stability and dependability.

- **Modern Silver**: Celebrating our forefront position in innovation.

- **Snow White**: Reminding us of challenges faced, and triumphantly overcome.

- **Stone**: Embodying our tenacity and resilience.

Significantly, our logo, with its intertwined "O's", signifies two worlds coming together - the vast expanse of the private flight world with the focused mission of GoOllie. These dual rings, radiant in Red Violet and Silver Lake Blue, are a visual manifestation of this union, a blend of ambition and creativity.

Intertwined "O's"

Inspired by the spirit of Oliver, the child who sparked this vision for founders Rasmus and Lærke Cornelius, GoOllie remains playful, dedicated, and relentless in its pursuit of excellence.

Join us, as we rewrite the future of private aircraft bookings. With GoOllie, the sky isn't the limit; it's just the beginning.

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