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GoOllie's Search Bars: Simplifying Operations as Peak Season Nears

As the busy season approaches in the aviation industry, our partners are seeing a significant increase in searches through the GoOllie Search Bars on their websites. This surge is especially notable with the upcoming 2024 Olympics in Paris, which is drawing heightened interest from travellers.

At GoOllie, we recognize that more searches don't always mean more requests. This is actually a good thing. Our system is designed to sift through the noise, filtering out casual inquiries so that only serious requests reach our partners. This lets them focus their efforts on genuine opportunities.

This filtering is vital during high-demand events like the Olympics. It prevents operators from being overwhelmed by the volume of non-serious inquiries. Instead of dealing with endless emails or calls, operators can concentrate on real leads. This not only makes operations more efficient but also saves a lot of money and time!

Our partners can also see these savings clearly on their GoOllie dashboard. It shows how much they've saved by avoiding the usual hassle of managing unnecessary inquiries. This insight proves the real financial benefits of using the GoOllie Search Bar. Operators can view all the searches made on their website, making it easy to see what customers are looking for, which requests are getting through, and what the customers' needs are. By analyzing this data, operators can tailor their operations, marketing, and optimize their overall business performance.

As the peak season kicks in, our partners can be confident that GoOllie is not just a tool but a complete solution that ensures their sales teams focus only on promising leads. This approach revolutionises the booking process, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth and operational efficiency.

Remember, a high number of searches with fewer conversions to requests is not a problem; it shows that GoOllie is working exactly as intended - saving you time and boosting your profitability.

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