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Thank you for choosing us!

Ready to soar higher with our software? Let's get you set up on your WordPress website. Follow the steps below to seamlessly integrate GoOllie and enjoy a better operational experience.

Step 1

Download the GoOllie plugin

Click here to download the official GoOllie plugin for WordPress.

Step 2

Install the plugin in Wordpress

Install the zip file into your Wordpress plugins and remember to activate it

Step 3

Insert the search bar on your site

Simply insert a Short Code box anywhere you want GoOllie to appear.
Just insert the text [goollie_ose] in the box

Step 4

Customize your platform

Upload your aircraft, prices, details and logo on the platform - and your good to go!

Watch a tutorial

See how to get GoOllie to work on your website in our tutorial video here. 

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