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Multi-City travel, simplified: GoOllie’s latest feature takes off

Traveling to multiple cities has never been more straightforward, thanks to GoOllie's innovative Multi-City feature. Designed to cater to the dynamic needs of today's travellers, this new addition to our platform is a game-changer in private aviation booking.

The Multi-City feature allows travellers to plan complex itineraries with ease. Whether it's for business, leisure, or a bit of both, users can now book several legs of a journey in one seamless process. This means less time planning and more time experiencing.

One of the standout benefits of this feature is its intelligent automation. When planning multi-leg journeys, the last chosen airport automatically becomes the starting point of the next leg, eliminating the need for repeated inputs and reducing the chance of errors. This intuitive design mirrors the way frequent flyers think and plan, streamlining their booking experience to just a few clicks.

But that’s not all. The Multi-City feature is perfectly paired with our 'Nearest Airport' functionality. Regardless of where your journey takes you, GoOllie will suggest the nearest and most convenient airports for each leg. This integration means travellers can now enjoy the flexibility of multi-city travel without the hassle of lengthy research.

For operators, the Multi-City feature opens up new avenues for efficiency and customer satisfaction. Offering this sophisticated booking option enhances your service, making it more appealing to a broader range of clients.

In essence, GoOllie's Multi-City feature is more than just an addition to our platform; it’s a reflection of our commitment to innovation, ease, and excellence in private jet travel. Experience the future of multi-city flights with GoOllie – where every destination is just a simple search away.

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