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Changing the game in private jet charters: Direct Sales, More Loyalty

Article by Rasmus Cornelius, Founder of GoOllie.

Have you ever wondered, “What if things were different in the private jet world?” Well, we did at GoOllie. We kept asking ourselves: Would we, could we, should we shake things up a bit? The answer turned out to be a big, bold YES.

Let’s talk about how private jets have always been booked. Usually, there’s a middleman - a broker - who arranges everything between jet operators and travelers. It works, sure, but we thought: What if operators could sell directly to the people flying? Wouldn’t that be something?

We decided it was worth a shot. At GoOllie, we built a platform that lets jet operators do just that. They can now offer flights directly on their websites, making things feel a lot more personal. This isn’t just about booking a flight; it’s about building a relationship.

So, should we just throw out the old broker system? Not really. It’s not about replacing but adding more options. Our way lets operators and customers get to know each other better, leading to trust and, you guessed it, loyalty.

What does this mean for everyone? It’s simple. Travellers get to know who they’re flying with. They feel more at home, more taken care of. And for operators, it’s great because happy customers keep coming back. It’s a win-win.

Imagine just clicking on a website and your favorite jet is ready to go, and they know just how you like your trip. That’s what we’re doing here at GoOllie – making every flight more than just a journey, but an experience you’ll want to have again.

So, to wrap up, those questions – would we, could we, should we change how private jet charters work – we already did! And it’s turning out great for everyone: more direct bookings, more happy flyers, and a brighter future for the industry.

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