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  • How do I integrate the GoOllie Search Bar into my website?
    Integrating the GoOllie Search Bar is simple! Just log into your GoOllie account, navigate to the 'Integration' section, copy the provided code, and paste it into the HTML of your website. For a step-by-step guide, visit our Help Center here.
  • Can I customize the GoOllie Search Bar to match my website's design?
    Absolutely! The GoOllie Search Bar is designed to be customizable. You can adjust its size to seamlessly blend with your site's aesthetics.
  • What information is required to create a Price Profile?
    To create a Price Profile, you'll need to specify the currency, set your income fee (fixed or percentage), and link the aircraft. You can also add specific expenses for a detailed calculation. Visit the 'Price Profiles' section in your account for more.
  • How do I add aircraft to my fleet on GoOllie?
    Adding aircraft is easy! In your GoOllie account, go to 'Fleet' then 'Management,' click on the '+ sign' to add a new aircraft, fill in the details, and submit. Repeat for each aircraft you want to add.
  • How does GoOllie help reduce the number of unserious booking requests?
    GoOllie displays upfront estimated pricing and scheduling for each flight search. This transparency helps filter out unserious inquiries, allowing you to focus on genuine customers.
  • Can I see analytics on how my listings are performing?
    Yes, GoOllie provides analytics on searches, requests, and the efficiency savings from filtering unserious inquiries. Access the 'Analytics' section in your account to view your performance metrics.
  • Is the GoOllie platform mobile-friendly?
    Absolutely! GoOllie is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that travelers can easily search and book flights on your website from their phones.
  • How can I contact GoOllie for support?
    You can reach us via email at, through the chat on our website, or by calling us at +45 40 894 894 during our business hours. We're here to help!
  • What happens if I need to update my aircraft's details or prices?
    You can update your aircraft details and prices anytime through your GoOllie account. Navigate to 'Fleet' or 'Price Profiles,' select the aircraft or profile you wish to update, make your changes, and save.
  • Can I get insights into market trends and suggestions for pricing strategies?
    While GoOllie provides tools for managing your bookings and insights into your own performance, for broader market trends and pricing strategies, we recommend staying engaged with industry news and our updates. We occasionally share insights and tips that can help refine your pricing strategies.

Still need help?

Don't hesitate to contact us at or +45 40 894 894

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