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The Diamond 42NG and 62

Discover the DA42 NG and DA62 for Unforgettable Journeys

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Diamond 42NG

The DA42 NG and DA62, two private aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries in Austria, redefine the flying experience with their remarkable features. These cutting-edge aircraft offer unparalleled speed, cost-efficiency, and comfort, ensuring unforgettable journeys for travelers.

Let's start with the DA42 NG, equipped with modern Austro engines of the latest generation. This technological marvel propels the aircraft at an impressive speed of 360 kilometers per hour, ensuring swift and efficient travel through the skies. With a capacity of up to three passengers, this aircraft is ideal for intimate journeys with your loved ones or colleagues.

Now, let's introduce the remarkable DA62. With a capacity of up to five passengers and a speed of 370 kilometers per hour, this aircraft offers both efficiency and luxury. Whether you're traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, the DA62 guarantees an enjoyable flight experience.

With Diamond Aircraft, you can reach smaller airfields that larger aircraft can't access. Say goodbye to long airport transfers and save time by arriving directly at your desired location. Experience the power of Diamond Aircraft, where speed, efficiency, and comfort combine to create extraordinary travel experiences. Embark on unforgettable journeys with the DA42 NG and DA62, and discover a new realm of luxury and performance in private aviation.

Experience the excellence of Diamond Aircraft alongside our esteemed carrier, Franconia Air Service. We are delighted to invite you to book your next flight, showcasing the exceptional capabilities of Diamond Aircraft. Discover the epitome of luxury and performance by visiting and secure your journey today!

Diamond 62


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