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New Booking Platform for Private Jets to Reduce Empty Flights

Updated: Feb 7

5. september 2022 is a new, Danish-developed booking platform for private jet travel in Europe. The platform makes it faster and easier to find, book and pay - in the same way as platforms targeted at scheduled flights. GoOllie also optimizes processes for the operators and increases GDPR security because all data and communication are processed digitally. At the same time, GoOllie monitors what jets are flying empty, so that these can be filled up. The aim is to gather 1,000 private jets on the platform.

Being a pilot for 10 years, Rasmus Cornelius, founder and co-owner of the entrepreneurial company GoOllie ApS, has spent countless hours above the clouds. And right there, above the clouds, he got the idea to develop a digital platform that makes it significantly easier, faster and GDPR-safe to find, book, and pay for private air charter. The result is, which has just been launched.

Private and business travelers have long since become accustomed to booking scheduled flights via apps and digital platforms such as Momondo and Expedia. is based on the same basic principles and makes it easy to choose a destination, time, and jet type - and book and pay immediately. All manual processes are eliminated, and all communication and exchange of private data takes place digitally and in a safe environment.

The owners of GoOllie ApS form a solid team with great entrepreneurial spirit and successful results. From the office at DTU Science Park in Hørsholm, Denmark, the company is run and developed by Lærke Cornelius, Rasmus Cornelius, and Bent Rønne. The owners also include the Tøpholm family, who, among others, are co-owners of the global hearing aid company WS Audiology (WSA). The last share is owned by a number of employees of GoOllie.

Shorter transportation time

"In Europe, we see an increasing demand for traveling by private jet. More travellers want to reduce transportation time and avoid delays and cancellations. In addition to having more control over your time and planning, you can travel from and to smaller airfields, which are closer to the departure and arrival points than the major airports. This reduces transportation time at both ends," says Rasmus Cornelius, founder and co-owner of GoOllie ApS.

"We are looking into a much more environmentally-friendly future for private jets, as the first electric aircraft for commercial use are expected to be launched within a few years. So the market will grow even more in the future," he adds.

Fewer empty planes

The platform offers operators a wide range of benefits. In addition to digitizing the many manual processes in connection with booking, payment and coordination, the platform will also ensure faster booking, fill available flights and thus reduce empty legs, as well as making prices transparent.

"Many private jets actually only fly with passengers a third of the time they are in the air. The plane is empty on the way out to pick up passengers and on the way home from passengers’ point of arrival. With the platform, it becomes easier for operators to promote trips that are empty and thereby fill up vacant seats. This benefits the environment and will lower prices," says Rasmus Cornelius.

CAT: GoOllie hits the spot

According to Jimmy Arly Larsen from Copenhagen Air Taxi (CAT), there is a huge market for GoOllie because the platform solves a very current problem.

"Chaos at airports, long waiting times and cancellations have given our industry a boost in recent years. GoOllie hits the spot because the platform facilitates our processes and digitizes everything we have previously handled manually via mail and mobile. At the same time, GoOllie gives us a smart platform to make our available aircraft visible - also the jets that would normally fly back empty. In addition, the platform creates transparency in relation to prices and eliminates costly intermediaries," says Jimmy Arly Larsen, Flight Manager at Copenhagen Air Taxi.

15 European operators have already signed up for the platform, and GoOllie expects to have 200 aircraft connected by the beginning of 2023. The target is initially 1,000 aircraft, which corresponds to 1/3 of the approximately 3,000 private jets in operation in Europe.

About GoOllie

GoOllie is Europe's intelligent search engine for traveling by private jet. GoOllie makes booking faster and smoother for both private and business travelers. The platform has a wide range of European operators attached. GoOllie is a Danish company with nine employees. Visit

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