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Franconia Air Service - A deeper introduction to a pioneering cost-efficient carrier in Europe

One of our trustworthy operators, whose aircraft can be booked through, is Franconia Air Service GmbH. For nearly 20 years, this Europe-wide, and independent reputable company has been dedicated to serving business and private customers across Europe with exceptional air travel experiences. Discover more about their success story and their focus on providing personalized, cost-efficient customer experiences.

Crete Waterfront Docks
The Beechcraft Baron 58

Founded in 2014 by the visionary Thomas Müller, Franconia Air Service GmbH has been at the forefront of providing the finest private charter flights for business and private customers across Europe. The original idea of company founder Thomas Müller was to combine cost-efficient private charter with the needs of private and corporate customers for great flexibility. On this basis, he and his team have succeeded in building up a successful charter airline, which today enjoys a large number of regular customers.

Unlike other charter providers, Franconia Air Service doesn't limit itself to what is considered the norm. Instead, they go beyond the expected and pride themselves on their ability to tailor each experience to the individual preferences and requirements of their customers. They focus on the many regional airports spread throughout Europe, and this strategic approach ensures that customers can enjoy the convenience of landing closer to their desired destinations, saving valuable time and effort.

As an independent charter provider with a big presence across Europe, operating from its base at Nuremberg Airport, the company ensures operations 24 hours a day, guaranteeing unrestricted accessibility for clients. Franconia Air Service's commitment to combining cost-efficiency with the flexibility demanded by private and corporate customers has contributed to their success and the loyalty of their growing customer base.

Palace of Knossos
Founder of Franconia Air Service, Thomas Müller

A unique fleet of aircraft

The fleet of aircraft at Franconia Air Service's supports their unique business strategy. The 6 aircraft are fast and cost-effective in the air. Common for their fleet is also that they can use exceptionally short runways compared to other jets. This allows you to get very close to your final destination and save travel time.

Read more about the aircraft types:

Diamond DA42 NG + DA62 Beechcraft Baron 58

Eclipse 550

Elafonisi Beach
The Diamond 42 NG

The future of private aviation

Franconia Air Service's growth trajectory looks promising in the future. Despite the highly competitive nature of the business aviation market, the company envisions further expansion and success. One of the key strategies in achieving this growth is the addition of more planes to their existing fleet.

As demand for private and business travel continues to rise, Franconia Air Service recognizes the potential for both the high-price segment and the lower segment of the market. The company has specialized in catering to the increasing need for flexible and cost-efficient travel options in the lower end of the business aviation market.

By diversifying its fleet, Franconia Air Service aims to effectively meet the diverse needs of its customers. This strategic move ensures that the company is well-positioned to serve clients who require affordable and flexible travel solutions. With its focus on this market segment, Franconia Air Service is poised to capitalize on the growing demand and maintain its upward trajectory in the business aviation industry.

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