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Private charter flight for pleasure
with easy travelling 


The most comfortable way to travel

Holding your loved one’s hand while strolling around in a romantic getaway. Spending quality time with your family while leaving all work and daily duties behind. Having a blast with your best friends while enjoying shopping, sightseeing, sports events, or a concert somewhere in Europe. You get the picture?


Well! Unfortunately, whatever travel memories you want to create with the people you love, the journey most often starts in a big, crowded airport with queuing and waiting time as a premise. It’s tiresome and energy-intensive.

Flying by private jet is the complete opposite experience.



Fast, flexible, luxurious

Private jets are fast, flexible, luxurious - and not least, the most comfortable way to travel - with children, with elderly, with good and festive friends - or with the love of your life.


Many executive and public airports at your disposal

When flying by private jet, you are able to design your own holiday from start to end. You can depart from any airport closest to you and arrive at any airport closest to your destination.


In this way, you not only reduce your travel time on the ground, but also avoid the taxi queue when leaving large airports. At some airports, a taxi can pick you up right at the aircraft.


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