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A single flight or membership?

With GoOllie you can book a single flight, or choose a membership. Your needs determine what suits you best. If you need a private flight more than once a month on average, a membership might be the best solution for you.


Our memberships are specially designed to meet the requirements from Frequent Travellers, Air Charter Brokers and Air Carriers. A membership guarantees you a fixed discount, to ensure you the best prices on the market. 

If you are an Air Charter Broker, Air Carrier or a larger company or Frequent Traveller, a membership will be suitable. Please note when purchasing our Advanced Premium membership the discount is calculated based on a flat rate all year round, and not the dynamic prices that follow market trends up og down. This means that you will not pay more in the high season.

* Get an extra month free when you sign up to a paid membership. Get 7 months for the price of 6 . 

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Rasmus Cornelius

CEO & Founder

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