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Corporate flight charter made easy

When time is everything, and you want to be at your best
- private jet charter is the answer.

On time

Private jet charters are fast, extremely comfortable, and luxurious. It suits you if you want to be on time for important meetings without having to spend a whole day travelling.

Reduce travel time

When flying by private jet, you reduce your travel time on the ground. You can depart from any private or small airport closest to you and arrive at any private or small airport closest to your destination.


It’s easy and hassle-free

  • You arrive at the airport 20 minutes before take-off. Park your car outside the entrance

  • You are guided through the private check-in with a private security lane

  • You are ready to take-off - and may even have time for a quick coffee or drink in the private lounge

  • You will enjoy the private atmosphere on board. The space is all yours for relaxing, working, confident business meetings, etc.

  • Your luggage stays with you all the way. When you are onboard, so is your luggage. When you get off the private jet, so does your luggage. Grab it and go!

Inspiration for your
business trip

You can easily book your trip - long in advance or at the last minute. Private jet charter brings you all over Europe:

  • To business meetings

  • To conferences

  • For customer treats and networking trips (golf tours, sporting events, etc.)

  • With colleagues for team-building, strategy planning, etc.



Flying private is a very comfortable and time-saving experience. Naturally, booking a private jet should be that, too.


GoOllie is your intelligent search engine that simplifies your online search, booking and payment of a private jet charter.
A few clicks, and you’re ready to go. All messages between you and the carrier as well as your GDPR data are safely gathered on the platform.

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