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How it works

Flying private is a very comfortable and time-saving experience. Naturally, booking a private jet should be that too.


GoOllie is your intelligent search engine that simplifies your online search and booking of private flights.


A few clicks and you're ready to fly! 



Reduce travel time

Private jets are not only extremely comfortable and luxurious, but private jets also get you from A to Z when it suits you. 

Be on time for important meetings without having to spend a whole day travelling.

When flying by private jets, you reduce your travel time. You can depart from any private or small airport closest to you and arrive at any private or small airport closest to your destination.


Never miss a flight

When flying private, you are in charge.

You choose your flight times without sticking to predetermined flight schedules, and you can postpone your flight if your meeting is running late.

With private jets you'll never miss your flight again!



The GoOllie Marketplace

Our marketplace simplifies your search for the perfect flight. Just enter your addresses and we'll curate a list of the nearest airports along with a variety of aircrafts from diverse air carriers that match your specific needs. Our marketplace provides an intuitive, personalised approach to finding and booking your flight, ensuring that your journey aligns perfectly with your requirements and preferences.


Carrier / Operator

The GoOllie Engine

This unique product is a boon for air carriers. It's an embeddable tool that can be integrated seamlessly into your website, giving you a proprietary flight listing platform in your own branding. The GoOllie engine not only elevates your online presence but also deepens the connection with your travellers by providing them an effortless way to explore and book your aircrafts.

Get started with GoOllie

Reclaim control over your sales on your own terms by joining the air charter industry's revolution.
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